Nabi Asgarov


we are proud to have honor to take a part for cover design in the historical life of Nabi Asgarov book who was a singular linguistician professor of Azerbaijan Republic.

Nabi Asgarov has published about 200 scientific articles, “Hydronyms in the Azerbaijani language” (2002), “Khatai region: spiritual world, past, present (2003),“ Linguistic features of Areal Turkish onomastic units ”(2005),“ Macrotoponyms of Azerbaijan (2009). ), “History of name, name of history-Paliotoponyms” (2010), “Semantic features of Azerbaijani hydronyms” (2011), “Historical-linguistic analysis of Azerbaijani river names” (2013), “Azerbaijan lake names” (Limnonyms 2017) and He is the author of textbooks, 2 master's degree programs in onomology, 5 bachelor's degree programs and 2 teaching aids, and several scientific articles published abroad. He opposed several candidates of sciences, one doctor of sciences, reviewed dozens of abstracts of PhD and doctoral dissertations, was the editor and reviewer of many linguistic works, and under his leadership successfully defended more than 30 master's dissertations. He was repeatedly awarded honorary degrees and diplomas for his scientific and public activities. In 2003, Vector International Science Center became the winner of the International Project "Young Scientists of Azerbaijan" held by the decision of the Prize Commission. He took part in an international conference in Uzbekistan. In 2013, he was elected "Teacher of the Year", and in the same year he was awarded the "Caucasus" prize, established by the "Caucasus" - Media Public Union. He is the winner of the "Golden Pen". He was awarded dozens of honorary degrees and diplomas. According to the Order No. 3397 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 18, 2017, he was awarded the “Progress” medal.